When International Travel Medical Insurance Makes Sense

When international travel medical insurance makes sense

Would you know what to do if you got sick in another country? How would you find a qualified doctor or hospital? And, what about asking for help in another language?

SafeTrip travel medical  protection available through UnitedHealthcare Global may make a big difference in helping you feel secure when you're traveling abroad. Top advantages include:

  • Finding quality care
    SafeTrip  medical insurance and travel assistance services links you with an emergency response team to help direct you to a doctor whose credentials have been verified.
  • Keeping costs in line
    Typically, you would have to pay up front at the time of service in another country. Travel medical insurance from UnitedHealthcare Global is designed to help with these costs at the time of service.
  • Getting home in a medical emergency
    You can get help arranging the best method of transport for your condition as well as help making travel arrangements for your family. Even the cost of bringing someone from home to be with you may be covered.
  • Handling non-medical problems
    From a lost or stolen passport to emergency funds transfer to a referral if you need legal help, the emergency response team can assist you.
  • Safeguarding your travel investment
    In addition to help with medical situations, you can add coverage for lost baggage, trip cancellation or trip interruption to your policy.

A SafeTrip travel medical  plan from UnitedHealthcare Global may be less expensive than you'd expect. A 10 day policy with a half million dollars in coverage is about what you'd expect to pay for one dinner out.

For a quote, check out SafeTrip international travel insurance plans available through UnitedHealthcare Global. Visit UHC SafeTrip for plan options and pricing.

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