The following Dependent Care expenses are not eligible for reimbursement from the Dependent care Account Plan:
  • Sleep-away or overnight camps
  • Tuition fees for private or boarding school
  • 24-hour nursing home care
  • Weekend or evening baby-sitting that is not necessary for you (and your spouse) to work
  • Care provided by your child under the age of 19 or someone you claim as a dependent on your income tax return.
  • Transportation between your home and the place care is provide
  • Finder's fees for placement of au pair or nanny
  • Expenses for which you claim a tax credit on your federal income tax returns

Keep in mind that IRS and/or your employer may,from time to time,modify its list of eligible expenses .If you are unsure of a potentially eligible expense, please contact customer service or refer to your employer's FSA plan document.